It is better to take “Recipe from nature” for successful treatment!

“Recipe from nature” is the real world famous Caucasian medical and medicinal table natural water with numbers 4 and 17!

“Recipe from nature” GUARANTEES, that mineral water of this brand is taken only from the real natural wells of Caucasus Mineral Waters region!

“Recipe from nature” is natural medicinal water which is also sold in chemist’s shop. This is additional guarantee of their natural authenticity and 100% of product’s quality!




There are two kinds of mineral water “Recipe from nature”

NOTE: it is applied at the specified below diseases only out of an aggravation phase.
Medical indications mineral water (internal): gullet diseases; chronic gastritis with the normal, increased and lowered secretory function of stomach, gastric and peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum, intestine diseases, chronic diseases of a liver, gallbladder and bile passages; pancreas diseases; diseases of digestive organs after surgeries concerning stomach ulcer; postcholecystectomy syndrome; metabolism diseases; diseases of urinary tract.
Application: Chronic gastritis with the normal and lowered secretory functions of stomach, chronic colitis and e enterocolitis, chronic diseases of a liver and bile passages, a postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, chronic diseases of metabolism.
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