Principles of work

— production: the European approach to the production management and bottling of soft drinks, medicinal and drinking water, on the basis of creation of the effective co-packing structure which guarantees stability of the outputs, high quality of products, mobility in start of new products and optimization of logistical costs.

— marketing: original, successful decisions and ideas in a segment of classical drinks, medicinal and drinking water which create trends and directions in the market of drinks.

— sales: realization of the released Trademarks is carried out with provision for particular features and regional market trends and also account of the organization of advance and distribution highly—effective system with help of Partners in territories


The PRODAСO company is the Russian company. It has been formed in 2013 by group of enthusiasts, which have been working in the sphere of the mineral water and soft drinks production for many years. Experts of our company have introduced more than ten successful brands of soft drinks and mineral water to the market before arrival to the PRODAСO company.

Today there are several types of mineral water in a product line of the PRODAСO company: Sosnovaya gorka, “Slavyanovskaya from Zheleznovodsk”, “Essenskaya 4 the Recipe by nature”, “Essenskaya 17 the Recipe by nature”, the trademark of soft drinks  “From the Screw”, presented in six various tastes.

Mineral water and soft drinks are made under control of the company’s specialists. The main factories of our production are located in the territory of specially protected eco-resort region Caucasus Mineral Waters. Caucasus Mineral Waters region is an amazing place. It concentrated 14 types of mineral water here. And we are proud of the fact that we can offer the buyers these really unique gifts of the Caucasian nature.

The closest plans of the PRODAСO company are growth and development. Management of the company plans to expand the product line of mineral water and soft drinks, and also to enter into the markets of FSU and other foreign countries.

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